Herbal Care Complex for Hair Concerns

HC Complex is a product with 6 different effects and patented formula which is developed to protect hair health and eliminate hair concerns.

It provides the necessary oil and moisture balance for your hair. It prevents hair loss and accelerates hair growth thanks to the active components nourishing and strengthening hair strands. It is helpful in eliminating dandruff and scalp itching. It restores the weakened hair and reveals its health y and radiant beauty.

HC Complex is offered in two different packages; you may prefer 110 ml for one month usage or 500 ml package with its economic price for longer periods.

6 Different Effects of HC Complex

HC Complex does not contain any chemical substances. Its completely natural and unique formula helps you achieve successful results in healing your hair with a professional hair care.

It eliminates hair loss when used regularly thanks to the active components restoring hair strands and roots.

It is useful in achieving satisfactory results for a faster hair growing period as it nourishes it with saps, vitamins and minerals.

It is helpful in eliminating dandruff and other scalp concerns as it regulates the oil and moisture balance of your hair.

It protects your hair from electrifying and dull looking while it provides volume and glorious radiance.

It forms a strong protective shield for your hair while it restores your hair after hair dyeing and highlights as well as weakening effects of using wrong products.

HC HAIR CARE Extract, which constitutes the most important part of HC Complex; is derived as a result of delicate processes including blending special plants meticulously and extracting them for long times in laboratories.

It contains 19 herbal substances whose positive effects on hair is known for centuries and proven by clinical experiments such as stinger, thyme, rosemary, chamomile, burdock, and cassia.

It is completely distinct from all other hair care products in the market in terms of a formula patented by Turkish Patent Institute and its production methods.

Herbal oils necessary for hair care and nourishing
  • Organic olive oil also known as youth elixir
  • Almond oil used as a nutrient, protector and moistener
  • Sesame oil with calcium and vitamin E
  • Castor oil restoring and strengthening weakened hair
  • Nigella oil with its numerous benefits that amaze science world
  • Jojoba oil with the most similar structure to scalp oil and which substitutes for it when necessary
  • Hazelnut oil that contains mineral elements (potassium, magnesium, phosphate, calcium, iron), vitamins E, B1, B2, B6 and oleic acid
  • Wheat oil that nourishes and protects weakened hair with the vitamins it contains, this oil is also used in various skin disorders.
All types of oils included in HC Complex are A-quality herbal oils produced in first quality plants. They do not contain any preservatives, chemicals or animal oil.

Natural vitamins for strengthening the natural structure of hair

VITAMIN E: It revitalizes your hair as it regulates the moisture balance of it. It provides effective solutions for hair loss seen both in women and men, dryness in hair strands, weakness and scalp problems.

VITAMIN B: All the vitamins B are called as golden protectors of hair and skin. They regulate skin and hair functions, they take the assistant role in producing energy and they maintain cell life.

B1 (Thiamine): It provides nourishment for hair roots as it accelerates blood circulation. It accelerates hair growing and provides volume for your hair.

B2 (Riboflavin): It makes it easy for scalp to receive oxygen as it stimulates hair roots. It prevents dandruff.

B6 (Pyridoxine): Hair strands are weakened and break easily when there is the lack of B6. It is an important vitamin for the healthy development of hair follicles.

B12 (Cyanocobalamine): It has a very important effect to prevent hair loss especially in women. Hair loss and depigmentation are observed when there is the lack of B12.

Common Hair Loss: Apply the product first to hair roots and then to all of the hair as you massage with your finger tips. Wash your hair with shampoo after waiting for 45 minutes. Using it 2 times a week is suggested to achieve best results with this product.

Genetic Hair Loss: Apply the product in little amounts to the part of scalp where hair is rare or extinct each day or once in two days. Apply it to all of the hair for 45 minutes – 2 hours and then wash with shampoo 2 days a week. As long as you use the product regularly, your hair loss will decrease to minimum levels or disappear completely, living hair follicles will grow tiny hair and it will grow thicker in time. However, positive results are achieved in a couple of months of usage in these types of hair loss.

Dandruff and Other Scalp Problems: Apply the product first to hair roots and then to all of the hair as you massage with your finger tips. Wash your hair with shampoo after you wait for 45 minutes – 2 hours. Repeat this 2 or 3 times a week.

General Hair Care: In order to restore your dry hair after hair dye, highlights etc. or maintain the health of your hair, apply the product to hair roots and then all of the hair as you massage with your fingertips 2 days in a week. Wash your hair with shampoo after waiting for an hour.

Hair Growing: Apply the product first to hair roots and then to all of the hair as you massage with your finger tips. Repeat this regularly at least 2 times a week. The increase in hair growing speed is observed generally towards the end of a bottle of HC Complex. For this reason, we especially suggest you keep using it with the second bottle.

Protection against Harmful Effects of Sun and Sea: Apply HC Complex in little amounts to your hair in environments where the effects of the sun and sea are felt intensely. This usage will protect your hair while it gives it a radiant, soft and vitalized look. We suggest you have a bottle of HC Complex in your bag before you take your vacation.

For what types of hair can HC Complex be used? Is there a difference between oily and dry hair for using it?
No. HC Complex can be applied to all types of hair. Being oily or dry is related to scalp rather than hair itself. The scalp produces a special kind of oil for your hair. As this amount is unnecessarily much in some people and little in others, ‘dry hair’ and ‘oily hair’ are used to describe the type of hair. In order to eliminate such problems related to the scalp, oil production should be well balanced. HC Complex shows its effect while it is kept on hair, balancing the oil and moisture of the scalp.

Should it be applied to dry or wet hair?
HC Complex must definitely be applied to dry hair.

Can I use it when mousse, gel, spray etc. is on my hair?
It does not matter whether your hair is clean or dirty before you use HC Complex. However, in order for the active ingredients to penetrate your hair completely, you should clear mousse, gel, spray etc. away before you use it. After using HC Complex and washing your hair, it is not harmful to use them.

Is it harmful to use it when my hair is dyed or I have highlights?
No. On the contrary, HC Complex will help you restore damages in your hair caused by these kinds of practices.

Is HC Complex is a women oriented product?
HC Complex is a unisex product. Both men and women can use it confidentially.

Is it possible to apply HC Complex at night and wait till the morning to wash it?
As it has an herbal formula, it has no harm for those who are not oversensitive.

What are the differences of HC Complex from hair care oils?
Hair care oils are simple mixtures of a few herbal oils. However, HC Complex has a patented content which is derived as a result of delicate processes including blending special plants meticulously while enriching it with vitamins and minerals, and extracting them for long times in laboratories.

Does HC Complex have any side effects?
HC Complex is a confidential product with its completely natural and herbal content. It is normal for oversensitive people to see some redness and have itches on the scalp due to the saps (stinger, rosemary etc.) it contains. This is a temporary situation and it will disappear when you wait less and use it less frequently.

Can I use HC Complex before or during pregnancy?
Hair loss during or after pregnancy is a common situation observed almost in every woman. As women experience certain physiological and hormonal changes in this period, their hair is affected by these changes. HC Complex can be used before or after pregnancy confidentially as it is completely herbal and does not contain any chemical or synthetic substances.